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Think Twice Before Wearing Black Clothes – Sadhguru

Black is one thing you should never wear. This will determine the way your energy functions and the psychological stability you have within you. Adiyogi is known in many ways but one dimension of him is, he is a vairagya or a bhairagi as it’s called. Raag means color, vairagya means to go beyond that…

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The Importance of Silence | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: Silence does not mean shutting your mouth silence. What is being referred to as silence or Rishabh? One cannot do this. One can become this. See if you can articulate the same thing that you’re saying with half the number of words, suddenly you will become extremely conscious of everything. Sadhguru: The wind makes…

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How Much Water Should I Drink Every Day?

Sadhguru: Everybody is carrying a bottle and sipping continuously because the marketing machines have done this to them. Excessive consumption of water, especially if it’s done in small sips, will lead to swelling of the brain. At the same time, when you need water, if you don’t drink it, it’ll cause damage to the system.   It is…

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