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If you guys are going to watch one Wellness video  this year let it be this [Music] one hey everyone   I’m Abby sharp welcome to aby’s Kitchen today I’m  going to be following up on the heels of my super   popular nobs weight loss tip video with a brand  new compilation of very actionable strategic hats  
to help support your health again as you guys  know I’m not a weight loss Rd But ultimately I   believe in body autonomy and I respect those who  do want to lose weight and I would way rather see   people make more gentle evidence-based healthy  Behavior changes that have the side effect of  
weight loss then they start up some kind of bogus  3-day water fast you want to lose weight fast we   doing a 7day liquid fast I know how tempting  it is to make weight loss your goal but it’s   actually not a really great goal since it’s not  something that we have direct control over like  
we do our behaviors so that’s why we’re focusing  here on tangible actionable behaviors hacks and   habits that you can integrate today that will  increase your chances of weight loss and more   importantly improve your overall health obviously  not all of these tips are going to be good habits  
for everyone for some people making one of these  swaps could potentially feel restrictive or super   triggering result in a rebound or just not jive  with their lifestyle preferences budget Etc so   take what works for you and leave the rest all of  these are just suggestions for gentle nutrition  
habits to try on to see if they work for you also  if you guys are new here smash that subscribe   button it really does help me out and hit in the  description for my free Hunger crushing combo   ebook and my free protein ebook Okay before we go  too far let’s talk about today’s sponsor element  
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slabby sharp to get yours okay so let’s start  with some creative healthy eating cooking tips   number one swap cream for pureed white beans  in your creamy soups and stews so this is one   of my favorite hacks for making a creamy soup  packed with Hunger crushion compounds if your  
creamy soup recipe calls for heavy cream or milk  you can puree a can of no salt added white beans   into your soup for instant body and thickness  plus the extra fiber and protein makes the soup   way more satiating so you feel Fuller without  the need to load up on bread tip two stretch  
your ground beef with minced mushrooms there are a  lot of reasons to cut back on higher fat red meat   finances environmental and of course our health  and weight while the association of unprocessed   red meat with chronic disease is not as concerning  as with processed Meats we still do not want to  
overdo it on saturated animal fats when there  are soft so many other options with greater   nutrient bang for their choric buck and minced  mushrooms really do offer a simple meaty texture   and Umami flavor that make it an amazing meatless  swap in one stud he found that when comparing a  
mushroom versus meat breakfast the mushroom  eaters reported significantly better satiety   and fullness in another study participants who are  given mushrooms instead of meat saw a significant   reduction in chloric intake body weight body fat  BMI and waist circumference losing an average of  
7 lbs and keeping it off for the entire year  that they were monitored as always I’m all   about adding not restricting and this is why I  love to stretch ground beef with finely minced mushrooms that way you get the meaty flavor  and the beneficial protein of the beef but with  
the high volume lower saturated fat benefits of  fiber and micronutrients tip three grape carrot   and zucchini into store-bought pasta sauce this  is something that I know a lot of parents try   to do to get their picky kids to eat more veg and  while I don’t personally believe in tricking kids  
I do believe in finding simple ways to get in  more fiber and this is a super food prooof way   to like turn a half a cup of higher sugar sauce  that really doesn’t provide any bulk or satiety   into a heaping cup of a hearty thick sauce with  satiating fiber tip four buy and eat nuts in the  
Shell nuts are a fantastic source of hunger  crushing compounds but if you’re a chronic   snacker and you’re trying to miniature weight  they can be very easy to mindlessly overeat when   we don’t have a visual cue of our meal or snack  and like you’re snacking while you’re working or  
driving or watching TV as so many of us do it’s  kind of like you black out and you come to when   you reach the bottom of the bag but research on  what has become known as the pistachio principal   has found a huge benefit in buying the shell on  nuts instead of the conveniently pre- shelled  
nuts and then physically cracking into them eating  them one at a time and then seeing the leftover   shells pile up so this serves as a visual cue  that you have in fact eaten which can increase   subjective feelings of satisfaction shelling your  nuts also takes time which slows down your eating  
encourages more mindful interaction with your  food and gives your brain enough time time to   register that you’re full tip five veg up your  take out we all have nights where door Dash is   an absolute must that’s probably going to be me  tonight but in my experience takeout meals tend  
to have a little protein a teeny bit of vegetables  and a lot of naked carbs so dress up those naked   carbs when you order take out rice or noodles  or Ramen whatever while the dish is still hot   throw in a handful or two of Frozen vegetables  straight out of the freezer now you’ve got a  
much larger dish appropriate for maybe one or two  more leftover meals in the extra fiber rich veg   will help to Edge out some of the less satiating  noodles or rice number six build out a healthy   condiment Arsenal if you’re experimenting with  eating more vegetables whole grains and lean  
proteins adding in a lot of flavor is going to be  really important for satisfaction because plain   skinless boneless chicken breasts with like a  little salt on top is just not the vibe what I   say to you about taste taste taste some of my  favorite lower sugar big flavor condiments for  
spicing up your meals include Harissa pesto  salsa hummus mustard kimchi sourkraut zatar   everything bagel spice Greek yogurt Sriracha  horseradish nutritional yeast and tamari just   even a few obviously but leave me a comment below  with some of your favorites number seven choose  
higher fat Dairy over fat free there’s actually  a lot of beneficial compounds in dairy fat like   short chained fatty acids conjugated lolic acid  vitamin D and gangliosides which may offer some   protective effects over skin one 2019 systematic  review found that most sources of full fat Dairy  
particularly fermented dairy did not increase  the risk of cardiovascular disease or diabetes   but consuming full fat Dairy has actually been  shown to reduce the risk of being overweight or   obese by 8% yes even though full fat has more  calories full fat is also way more physically  
sing from the fat and more emotionally satisfying  because it just tastes smoother and creamier and   less sour which tends to reduce the need to add a  lot of sugar on top next tip use an oil atomizer   so I have talked about smart use of oils in my  OG weight loss tip video right here and while  
I will never advocate for like an oil free diet I  do think we can be mindful of how much added oils   we end up using because unlike Whole Food fats  which have dual citizenship in my Hunger crushing   combo so for example avocado has fiber and fat  cooking oils are really just straight up fat so  
in cooking with fat we want enough to enhance  our cooking without going overboard on excess   calories that do not satisfy an oil atomizer is  a really great way to evenly distribute oil on a   baking sheet on veg or potatoes for roasting or  protein before grilling or searing you can also  
technically put a vinegret in here and like Spritz  your salad for even coverage next let’s get into   some meal planning tips first up redefine the word  snack thanks to food marketing the word snack has   become synonymous with junk food or treat but I  want you to redefine snack as just like a mini  
meal that means your snack should contain the  same hunger pressing components of a meal but   just a little bit smaller and probably in a more  convenient state it should still serve a purpose   for nutrition ins satiety and yes it can still  be super fun so like half turkey sandwich or a  
protein shake with nut butter and berries or Greek  yogurt parfait those are all really great snacks   a fruit rollup is fun but it’s not a snack it  might be part of a snack but it’s not a snack   so turn your snacks into mini meals for the most  G bang for your caloric Buck next streamline your  
options if you’re cooking for a big family you  might be used to having a variety of options   on the table to choose from but research suggests  that we can habituate to certain flavors reaching   something called sensory specific satiety but not  complete satiety so you can get full on Broccoli  
but still have room for rice or dessert The More  Foods on your plate the more novel opportunities   for that mouth hunger and the less likely we are  to reach full satiety you can of course hack this   the opposite way to increase your vegetable  consumption by serving a variety of different  
veg but my recommendation would be instead of  serving shrimp and chicken and rice and PE choose   one protein one carb and unlimited vegetables  and then switch it up for diet variety at the   next meal and speaking of a variety of vegetables  count colors not calories I obviously subscribe to  
an added non-restrictive approach to nutrition and  when we focus on adding colors we by default are   adding higher volume higher fiber lower calorie  fruits and veg to our meals so make it a goal to   have at least three different colors on your plate  making those colors really the star of the show I  
know different shades of beige do not count as  multiple colors so for example like a colorful   stir fry of broccoli or bell pepper carrots that  would be a great base for like some tofu and rice   next stick to a meal schedule if you have health  or Wellness goals you need to make your meals a  
priority because if you’re flying by the seat  of your pants putting off lunch until you are   starving you are going to overeat so decide what  times you’re going to eat breakfast lunch and   dinner and actually like put it in your calendar  if you have to make those meal times consistent  
and if you’re like well that doesn’t sound like  intuitive eating to me remember guys intuitive   eating is not just the hunger fullness diet  obviously if you’re hungry and it’s not officially   lunchtime eat but a lot of busy folks are actually  too distracted to hear those early hunger cues and  
if your body is used to you ignoring them you  won’t hear anything until you’re like rush into   the staff room looking for the Chino muffins be  I’m hungry in a minute consistency is one of the   most important tools for achieving any health or  weight loss goal and having that routine built  
into your day can really help you develop normal  and regular hunger and Fess cues next theme your   meals meal planning is key but you got to make it  simple stupid having themed dinners like meatless   Mondays or taco Tuesdays or whatever helps give  you some consistency but also reduces the mental  
burden of having to think too hard about each  and every [Music] meal less mental burden means   a much greater chance of cooking at home rather  than getting overwhelmed and ordering take out   next make adult Lunchables so I grew up with two  very busy working peris so at least once a week  
we had something we called a coldplate dinner  which was basically a compilation of nutritious   foods that my mom just had in the fridge already  or the pantry Cobble together in a simple meal   that my mom did not have to cook so things like  whole gra crackers leftover protein or deli meat  
crispy chickpeas veggies fruits cheese nuts olives  whatever there is no shame in an adult lunch bowl   that takes all the hunger crushing combo boxes you  know I like snackpack why can’t you just give me a   snack pack next I want you to frontload your carbs  and calories so we’ve talked about the benefits of  
aligning your meals especially higher carb meals  with your body’s natural circadian rhythm when   I was discussing the benefits of intermittent  fasting but in short your body is more insulin   sensitive and better able to metabolize and  utilize carbs when you wake wake up versus  
right before you go to bed obviously when it comes  to weight loss total calories consumed in the day   matters way more than when they’re consumed but  there is still a metabolic advantage to consuming   the bulk of your calories and carbs earlier on in  the day once I he found that women with obesity  
who ate a 700 calorie breakfast and a 200 calorie  dinner lost more weight and felt less hungry in   the day than those who ate a 200 calorie breakfast  and a 700 calorie dinner another study found that   people ate a big breakfast burn twice as much via  thermogenesis than those who ate a big dinner so  
for better appetite and Insulin Management try  shifting your meal times up a little finally   let’s talk mindful eating and movement tips first  of all I want you to put your fork or spoon down   between every bite so the purpose of this is to  help you slow down giving your brain enough time  
to register fullness but also to encourage you  to actively chew chewing your food thoroughly   is not only critical for healthy digestion but  there’s mounting evidence suggesting that chewing   increases our gut glp1 levels and glp1 is the  apate suppressing hormone found in drugs like OIC  
personally I would never make a suggestion to like  chew your food 20 or 30 times before swallowing I   think that that would be super distracting and  obsessive and very likely become unhealthy but   a simple cue just like putting your spoon or Fork  down to chew and enjoy your bite can help you slow  
down chew well and improve your satiety signals  which can influence weight and of course support   good digestion next Dodge your mindless eating  triggers by changing your routine if you’ve got   a habit of like making a beine to the kitchen the  moment you walk in the door to mindlessly snack  
take a new route or rearrange your post-work  routine maybe you start a habit of calling   your mom when you get home or you go upstairs to  wash your face or water your plants or immediately   take the dog out for a walk take away the queue  and you will very likely take away the Mindless  
eating routine and speaking of myus eating stop  eating directly out of the snack bag or box if   you need to pick up like some cute little snack  bowls to get you pumped up about using them get   yourself to Target for a new set we’re going to  go but if you’re wanting a snack from like a box  
or a bag don’t just shove your hand in there and  start mindlessly munching away f who have been   dieting for a really long time tend to base their  satisfaction on external cues like the absence of   food but if you’re eating from a family-sized bag  of chips that cue might not come for a long time  
so always portion out what you think you’re in  the mood to eat into a bowl or a little baggie   and if you’re still hungry after that you can  always replenish but getting to the end of that   pre-portioned snack will force you out of your  mindless TR to help you re-evaluate if you want or  
need more next build micro workouts into your day  if you take a 15-minute brisk walk after breakfast   lunch and dinner you’ve suddenly accomplish 45  minutes of activity without having to budget for   any official gym time walking really is amazing  for your overall health and even in small little  
bouts like this can help contribute to fat loss  and improved blood sugar regulation and finally   take your calls and meetings standing to take  advantage of meat neat stands for non-exercise   activ thermogenesis so these are basically any  little unstructured unplanned forms of energy  
expenditure like fidgeting or unconscious leg  tapping spontaneous muscle contractions or just   feeling the need to stand up from your desk walk  around stretch clean Etc anyone who knows me knows   that I am a neat Queen # ADHD but resarch suggests  that thin people tend to have higher levels of  
neat compared to obese folks it might be hard to  force yourself to like fidget more but even making   an effort to stand or Pace in meetings or on calls  rather than sitting down can help contribute to   your neat and this might actually be a more  effective movement strategy than intentional  
exercise because a exercise expenditure induced by  neat is much larger than from intentional exercise   when measured over the day and B we don’t tend  to reward ourselves with food when we fidget or   stand versus when we do a tough boot camp and  that is a wrap folks for now at least you guys  
know I got way more actional Wellness tips where  those came from but to reiterate I’m all about an   additive non-restrictive approach to meeting your  health and wellness goals and I really just hope   that one or more of these resonated with you as  something that you could effortlessly make part  
of your routine but if you’ve got any really great  actionable behaviors that have helped you achieve   your goals definitely leave a comment below I’m  sure we would all love to learn and until then   don’t forget to subscribe to the channel like this  video and I’ll see you next time on Abby’s kitchen

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