The Food Effect Diet

Bulletproof Weight Loss System

AS SEEN IN THE TIMES. LOSE AT LEAST 6LBS IN FOUR WEEKS WITHOUT GIVING UP CARBS, ALCOHOL, OR CHOCOLATE The Food Effect Diet is a simple, delicious and satisfying way of eating that sheds weight, boosts energy, and lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. It also gives you glowing skin, increased brain power, and optimal health and vitality. A perfect antidote to faddy, restrictive crash diets that don’t work over the long term, The Food Effect Diet promises a minimum weight loss of 6lbs in four weeks while allowing you to eat carbs, good fats, wheat, gluten, and dairy. Followers of the diet can also drink alcohol and eat chocolate – the only significant ‘no-no’ is red meat.

As well as a detailed program for the four-week ‘attack’ phase, the book will include menu plans which can be adapted to suit different taste preferences, lifestyles, and nutritional needs; over 70 delicious and easy recipes; and easy-to-follow food tables to guide your choices for each food group.

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