The Woman’s Day Weight-Loss Plan

Bulletproof Weight Loss System

While both men and women suffer from the ill effects of being overweight, women carry the unique burden of trying to maintain a healthy weight while managing a lifetime of physical changes. Hormonal shifts can increase appetite, and pregnancy may cause women to deposit fat with greater ease. Menopause is also a particularly difficult time to try to lose weight. Nowadays, women juggle many responsibilities, including parenting, housekeeping, and career. All these tasks can keep them from eating right and exercising as much as they know they should. Maintaining a healthy weight can be a challenge, but the health benefits of winning the war on weight are well worth the fight. The Woman’s Day Weight-Loss Plan’s three-pronged approach will help you reach your goal. First, you must set your sights on a healthy and sensible weight — one that you can achieve and maintain. Exercise is also crucial, but incorporating more physical activity into your life doesn’t mean you have to join a gym and pump iron seven days a week. Finally, you need a diet you can continue long term. What you need to succeed with weight loss is a realistic plan that meets your nutritional needs and is based on the latest scientific research — just like the plan designed by Kathy Keenan Isoldi. Kathy Isoldi’s kind and caring voice bounce right off the pages to guide you through the program, helping you overcome challenges and encouraging you to persevere. You have so much to gain by losing weight! Book jacket.

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