Trash Makeover | Ep. 2 | Afterlife Minecraft SMP

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hey, guys what’s up ld shadow lady here and welcome back to the afterlife where I have been living out my wildest dreams as a tiny raccoon, and today is my favorite day of all it’s trash collection day so for this special occasion I am going to craft a backpack for collecting my trash I’ll start collecting over here with Scott’s trash what a varied trash offering this is a 7 out of 10. I’ll take it all the rotten flesh will be particularly scrumptious Shelby’s trash is made up entirely of rotten flesh 10 out of 10 delicious jimmy’s trash is that raw eel meat and a vanishing pickaxe such treasures worthy of a 9 out of 10 trash rating as I was out here collecting trash I discovered another cool feature of being a raccoon I have this speed boost ability that makes collecting trash from all over the world so much faster let’s see what Lauren has to offer [Music] somehow I don’t think I’m meant to eat those eggs where’s the trash here it is garbage oh rotten flesh and emerald some children this trash is 11 out of 10.

But i did dock some points for the book because everybody knows raccoons cannot read unfortunately i have no idea what this says but this is still my favorite garbage next let’s judge sausage’s trash game lizzy trash collection is over here yes sir here it is oh the most marvelous trash i’ve ever seen flower pots a flowering azalea a spy glass i can see the orb from here 10 out of 10 trash sausage i spy with my little eye my next destination on the horizon let’s see what kind of trash this wizard has to offer here it is trash okay what do we have here poisonous potatoes my favorite pointed drip stone all the better for killing people with oh a book wish i could read hi can i help you ah what i can still see you lizzy oh what are you doing um i’m just collecting the trash yes disgusting trash so disgusting i’ll get this out of your way why are you picking up my trash look i didn’t choose the raccoon life the raccoon life chose me okay you know what i was about to throw this out back so if you want to just take it that’s fine i guess i will treasure this trash goodbye um bye okay that was slightly embarrassing but we got the trash and that was good trash too eight out of ten gonna have to keep an eye on that one so now i have all these barrels full of goodies i guess one man’s trash is a raccoon’s treasure because i am going to recycle all of this stuff and use it to decorate my house so i’ve been reading through the suggestions in the comments and i have ideas for each floor of the house of course this one is going to be a chest room up here will be my workshop and up the scary precarious staircase this will be the bathhouse room and up the balcony staircase in this room we’ll have the library and up here i’m going to trap villages i don’t quite know how but that sounds like a problem for future lizzy to deal with so now that we have everything planned out i’m going to start the makeover with the chest room but instead of using chests i’m going to use barrels because they look quite pretty so unfortunately for the forest it’s time for some deforestation but a raccoon always replants their trees it is the raccoon way stay away from me fiend or i’ll have you for breakfast once then we craft a load of barrels 51 barrels oh no that might be too many oh well you can never have too many barrels they’re quite pretty now to arrange my barrels i’m just gonna cover this entire wall in barrels galore now you might be wondering how i’m going to organize this room well i’m going to use an organization method only raccoons understand 12 seconds later it is done the organization is complete and i would try to explain it to you but it’s probably far too complex for your puny human mind to comprehend perhaps if you were some kind of human genius you might just be able to grasp the concept but alas i doubt any of you are as smart as a raccoon anyway it’s time to decorate because this looks a little plain and i have some ideas to spice it up so of course we need a couple of lanterns to provide some light and i thought we could add some detail with a fun but slightly risky idea that i had first i’m going to craft some campfires and luckily this organization system is just so convenient for finding all the things i need ta-da fire then i’m going to extinguish them and it’s perfect just what i wanted now to spice this up further i will recycle and my storage room is complete wait i’m going to get rid of some of this boring oak floor and i will use my carpenters table to transform it into something a little bit more interesting and i think the variation adds a complementary amount of chaos to this room and it’s perfect moving on up the ladder to the next floor we have the workshop here i want to set up all of my workshop tables including my mason’s table carpenter’s table and glassblower i also want to craft a loom as well as the vanilla loom smithing table cartography table and a cauldron that is minecart a cauldron now all i need to do is arrange all of these work items in my workshop one eternity later so here is my workshop here i have everything i need to do anything from carpentry to masonry stone cutting and grinding and whatever this loom does the only thing i’m missing is some plants in these flower pots and i think i saw something in somebody’s trash that would be perfect for this dark oak saplings and ferns some very exotic greenery now we move on up the precarious staircase to the next room which is the bathhouse room as some of you already picked up on from the first episode my house is based on the bath house from spirited away so of course we need to build a place for my guests to bathe and i know just how to make the perfect bath using recycled goods trapdoors there four little bathtubs of all shapes and sizes next we need the soul sand to get these bathtubs bubbling but instead of risking my own little raccoon life to collect it i’m going to call in the professionals because a mere 700 blocks away lives a legendary blaze born joel milady little tiny little lady i hear you are born of the blaze origins i am well i will i wha uh would you mind getting something from the nether for me it’s too scary for me i can do that lizzy but under one circumstance what i want you to call me hot well you certainly look hot thank you okay that’s all i need good luck i’ll wait here okay i sure hope he comes back alive otherwise how else am i going to get soul sand oh wait i’m immune to berry bushes what an enlightening discovery 12 seconds later i have returned oh you’re on f you’re hot i am hot thank you one two three four five six seven eight perfect thank you bye she’s so little i heard that it was very kind of joel to risk his life to bubble my baths but it was so worth it this looks amazing ah these look perfect i’ll just add a few finishing touches for decoration now the bath house is complete who wouldn’t want to take a bath in this nice ferocious water anyway moving on the next room to decorate is up here the library and i think it would be really cool to make this into a maze with an enchanting area hidden somewhere in the middle so first i’ll craft my very own enchanting table using this recycled book then i will hide it right here and all i have to do is build a maze of bookshelves around it like this okay this is obviously just cobblestone because i don’t actually have any bookshelves and i don’t know how i’m gonna craft this many bookshelves unless yes i need some villagers then i’ll be able to trade for all the bookshelves i need and of course i already planned to put my villagers up here luckily i already know exactly where to get my first villager from and it’s going to be a rescue so we’ll wait for the sun to go down and the operation will commence it’s time i’ve been waiting for this moment down here in this cave i hid something in a boat it’s a zombie villager and i’m going to rescue him and then cure him oh follow me ow ow ow ow welcome to my home please follow me this way out through the storage room up this ladder fabulous now be careful on the stairs here i don’t want you falling now unfortunately there’s no time for a bath if you’ll please follow me through the maze i probably should have waited to build the maze and up this ladder yes you’re trapped now please wait here until i gather the necessary equipment to cure you with your zombification the next day here i have my flash potions of weakness and my golden apple so it’s time to unleash the zombie and cure him with my genius raccoon powers aha my very own pet human i hope it doesn’t die how long do humans live unfortunately i’m not proud of what i did next as i realized my villager was completely useless without a profession i would need to craft a lectern to turn my villager into a librarian and for that i would need a couple of books so i snuck over to scott’s area in the middle of the night and pilfered his fields like the vermin i am then i crawled over into his cow pen and fed his cows before using the only tool that i had to slaughter them mercilessly i’m not proud of what i did but i came out of there with just enough leather to craft that lectern oh humi i brought you a treat ah look at you in your little outfit aren’t you silly aha we have the trades and i can start getting my bookshelves yes that’s what i want give it to me humi drop drop it drop it nope bad human bad drop the bookshelf and you’ll get a treat very good one down 99 more to go for a while i traded back and forth with humi and then something occurred to me i could turn him into a zombie and then cure him again to get even better trades so in the greatest betrayal in raccoon history i led a zombie up to the attic and unleashed it upon humi i’m sorry humi you’re on your own forgive me oh gosh oh no okay work perfectly help help help i’m trapped take that and this one eternity later oh humi you’re back and look what i have done one emerald for one bookshelf and then one book for one emerald you know what this means i’ve created an infinite loop so say i only have one emerald to my name i can buy a bookshelf but then i can turn that bookshelf into three books which i can trade for three emeralds and the process repeats making me well rich i’ll finish this library in no time and finish this library i did and now this place is a perfectly confusing maze that will disorient any intruders and make them unable to find my tucked away enchanting table that’s just for me and of course the ladder to the next floor is also hidden away to protect humi from weird people speaking of humi we should do something nice for him in here so i built this little area for him because i googled it and apparently you’re supposed to stall your humans in these little pods so it’s nice and safe for them and you’re supposed to feed the bread so now all we need to do is get a few more villagers and fill up the rest of these pots so humi can have some friends so i’m gonna go out in search of a village three days later a village with signs of life yoo-hoo villagers [Music] hello oh would you come with me look at this what’s this look come on okay this way okay i’m coming i’ve got somebody for you to meet do not die in the lava no no no no to the composter to the composter yes okay get in the boat yes fabulous you’re coming with me follow the composter okay up this way we’re home oh oh my gosh what was that oh sorry this is the doorbell sorry about that why don’t you come on in follow the composter up the ladder okay now if you would just stand right there yeah that’s perfect now great i will see you in the morning and now that the night is upon us i will scurry into the dark for my nightly trash run the next day she’s gone she disappeared into a pile of emeralds oh humi what did you witness what a disaster i need some time to grieve so i will instead turn my attentions to decorating this ground floor this will be the first thing people see when they enter my home so it’s important that this area reflects on me as a person i mean a raccoon so i’m gonna fill it with trash and i’ve saved the best trash till last look at all this i’ve always wanted a chandelier so let’s also recycle a spruce palisade and i will install this chandelier by the door wow next we have this wandering trade ahead and seven cow heads this will be the head wall where i display all the treasured heads that are so kindly gifted to me now what else do we have here pointed drip stone oh that’s exactly what you need to put by your entrances to ward off evil spirits next we have the rare items and i’m going to put these in item frames on the wall then finally we have this book which i can’t read but my guests can so i will position it here and then i’m gonna make a nice little reading nook with these two chairs that i recycled and some leftover bookshelves there and i think a nice carpet to rub your toes in while you read is exactly what’s needed here there and i also want to build something special in here to help me relax a little zen garden so let’s dig out this area here and i replace this with sand like so and now all we need to do is add in some little rocks and plant life [Music] and finally on this side of the room i’m going to add a little table and chairs and it’s the perfect size for a raccoon and with that i will end today’s episode of afterlife if you enjoyed please make sure to leave a like on this video don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already and i will see you next time [Music]

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