What’s the best Exercise Program for weight loss? THE #Physiology Show Episode 17

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hey there
Jed Kobernusz (Ko-Ber-Nis) here from JedKobernusz.com And welcome to the physiology show
this is episode number 17 and it's all about it's literally about to go down
because you're gonna find out the best exercise program known to man woman
person whatever it is okay I mean it's lit the best one ever
now when I say that you could almost that's a pretty specific thing so you
could almost go that's micro let's go macro for a second
the best anything you can use this concept for the best exercise program
you can use this concept for the best product the best anything right anything
it's really simple you it would blow your mind how simple it is but I think
as human beings we oblate to over complication like it's just ridiculous
the amount of over complication that happens every single day right and if
you notice what what should this my favorite shirt
my favorite shirt for my gut Gary Vee right work that's how you get it
right work that's how you get like I don't you know I don't even know the
words behind in a work of work it's like the favorite part of my shirt like work
okay that's not the best part of best exercise program what's the best
exercise program to lose weight what's the best exercise program to get big
what's the exercises best exercise program to get lean what's the best
exercise program for rehab on the knee what's the best exercise program for
lower back pain what's the bet are you seeing like okay ready I mean all of
this what's the best program what's the best nutritional program what's the best
now I can't give you any of that information just as a side legal side
bar because I'm not a dietitian or a nutritionist tray that can give you
some general non medical advice but sidebar right what's the best product
out there here it is right like you're ready for it like it's gonna blow your
mind if you're ready for it keep listening it's not then you know go
back to the matrix and get plugged back in because the best exercise program is
the one you'll actually freakin do on a consistent basis right nobody wants to
talk about work nobody wants to talk about tongue nobody wants to talk about
right actually doing it they just want to talk they want to say I got the best
program this program is none like you've ever seen it before
this product is the best it doesn't matter what it is it's the best you've
never seen it before here's the problem I have seen it before
we all have history just repeats itself like you really are in tune with like
what's happening in today's world we're just repeating the same shit until you
wake up until you get unplugged until you actually commit to something who in
the history of freaking mankind are the people who are the most successful they
pick one thing or two or three however it breaks down and they just keep doing
it those are the most successful people in
the world me making videos seem very silly when I first started doing all of
this stuff it seemed like why am I doing this but now I keep doing it and doing
it and doing it doing it now I'm very comfortable this right here it's very
comfortable for me so the best way that I can get my my information or I learn
or the best way I can teach is they just talk it out like that's it it's the best
way I can do it and how did I know that because I kept trying kept doing but the
best program out there is the one that you'll freakin do
consistently consistency is key if you like Michael Jordan I can say this a lot
Michael Jordan how do you think he got the best free-throw percentage how do
you think his free-throw percentage we're just so freakin high like how do
you think he was so good at dunking in shooting three-pointers I don't even
like basketball I just love the fact that Michael Jordan worked his ass off
every single day work and time and consistency and determination and they
had the community of people wrapped around him who believed in him and he
ultimately believed in himself like that's it you looked in the mirror and
said I will be the best not to my knowledge to my understanding I haven't
heard anybody I've heard people who are like Mike Wright but there is nobody who
in his prime could be Michael Jordan right nobody zero because nobody wants
to work that hard anymore no like now there might be the 1% of people watching
this who actually do work that hard I commend you this video is not for you
it's for the rest of the 99% of the people who bitch and complain and say
this doesn't work this doesn't work this doesn't work and this doesn't work if
you haven't given yourself a year of commitment and actual change then that's
not anywhere near long enough it's not don't bullshit me and say you have
because I know you haven't it's just how it works if you're doing
21 days and a challenge of this and a challenge of that and you're doing this
and for six months here and then you change it like that's too many changes
way too many changes for you to actually know what works like spitballing all of
the words if banquise you'd you write and then stick to the wall after a while
like shits gonna fall off the wall right taking noodles throwing it against the
wall that idea worth you got to find out what sticks eventually it's gonna fall
off and the reason I say it like that is because the only way to find out if
something works is you just keep trying it and
and trotting it then if you know yourself your self-awareness is at an
all-time high then and only then will you be able to
commit and actually know if it works or not
like I mean workout videos and I think those are fun to do but I think this
once they start to actually be real with myself this is what I enjoy most it's
just talking real like talking and doing because I can back up what I say all I
do is keep learning that's it's literally all I'm doing I've worked with
in the the exercise field for 10 years like 10 years now and in the last
two-and-a-half I started talking you know via the internet like now I'm being
heard but there's too many people out there who just start and then they are
an expert no freaking expert you're not an expert until you put in the work
until you actually do it and if you're a year into it and if nothing has really
changed you kind of know right like okay that's
probably not working but you have to give something you have to like really
commit to it and give it all you got and then you can look yourself in the mirror
and say I'm unstoppable you're unstoppable you just have to
believe it like too many people out there just getting fooled like the
latest one I've seen is this little machine that's supposed to strap on you
and it like works it for you it acts like a TENS unit right it's not gonna
work like you have to you physically have to flex that muscle and like play
just contracting and you put it on your own order it is supposed to make you a
bigger No right it's not gonna work but here's the deal it might right it might
but you're gonna give it a week and you're gonna get it maybe ten days and
you're gonna get sore you're you're gonna really ache and then you're gonna
a lot of that doesn't work it makes me feel even worse and then put it down and
then it's gonna collect us and eventually
throw it away because he didn't commit to it you bought it for the fast way the
easy way the quick fix there is no fast easy quick
this isn't quit looking for the fast way out of everything anything worth doing
takes time effort consistency determination takes a community it takes
a village right ever heard of that if you've been living under a rock your
entire life you probably have never heard that before that little saying
called it takes a village and that's community right that's the
point work consistency right decide within yourself that you're worth it if
you keep putting everything in front of yourself and expecting something to
change why why would you think anything would change but Jen I'm trying I keep
doing this no trying is sad and doing is better
okay trying is good but if you try and try and try and like you don't ever make
the shift up here and down here then you're really never gonna do anything
it's never gonna change continuing the same plugged in motion
looking for the same outcome blame somebody else to put negative negativity
out there to say that person doesn't know what you're doing that person
doesn't know what they're doing I'm not saying I know it all I know a
crap ton of information I know what I know very well 99% of the stuff that I
do I suck at but I'm okay with it because the 1% that I know and that's
movement and motivation right put them together you got it but that's the point
is as soon as you know what you do and you know and that purpose is right here
you're unstoppable you're unstoppable so while you're thinking of all of these
other things that people aren't good at you can be good at one thing and just
keep going with it right and I'm not saying the wads the workouts of the day
you're gonna work for everybody they're all free like they're all free
you know Italy has to pay for them I do have a little donate button but I'm not
expecting anybody to donate right but the whole ask is there you do it and
you'll find results find a program find anything right and commit to it
consistency I finally in my own head have found a way to bottle up
consistency and and give it away and those are the wads those are the
workouts of the day I've bottled them up put them on a blog post and I give them
away consistency if you just do them and if you start to believe right believe
and work that you have got it all then you've got it all that's it
wholeheartedly it's very it's very funny to me that
there's so many people out there who don't who don't realize that they are
their own problem and their own solution you are you're your own problem and
you're your own solution because the people around you they don't matter they
don't if you truly believe right here that you're changing that you can change
somebody's sitting over there saying what do you want to do that for how come
you're doing that I you know I just really don't support that I don't want
you doing that anymore but you really feel it and believe that's what you have
going on then keep going then keep doing it eventually the people around you
they'll either follow or leave right or they may talk about you behind
your back but at by that point it really doesn't matter because you only give a
shit what people think of you and that's the best part getting to a point right
here where nobody else can take down your walls nobody you have walls set up
to say you know what if you don't completely understand me then I'm not
opening up to me then you don't deserve to know the real me
you just don't zero you know nothing about me and yet you know everything
about me cuz I put it out there okay put it out there in hopes that maybe one
person will put it up here and lock it in and say what that guy was right I can
do anything and I will hold myself responsible I believe in me I believe in
myself and that is why I do what I do and that right there is a program that
is the best program known to mankind it's the one that you do every day and
not even every day the one that you do right the one that you do like you could
go to school then you go to school now bagging on colleges right now colleges
is it's a weird time for colleges let me tell you if you go to school and you
learn all of this stuff and you don't use it what are those tools good for yes
granted there's some good things you can learn in college but like if you go
online take a course you'll never use it it's the point if you go online if you
go anywhere you go buys a product and you don't ever use it what's the point
here I'm going with all of this use it the best exercise program the best knee
rehabilitation program then the best low back low back pain
routine the best beach body ready to go program is the one that you actually
will follow through on that you will be consistent with that you dedicate the
rest of your life to that's it that's it oh my god
Cobra Nation you know who you are out there
I just appreciate the hell out of every moment and every second of your
attention because your attention is everything to me and for the ones who
have the CDC as we will call it as I have dubbed it to be consistency
determination and community you know what I'm saying in here if not email me
ygt and Jed Coleman is calm let's let's talk let's figure out how work will get
you to where you're gonna go and not everybody's gonna follow me and my
program may not be the best for you they may not I'm okay with that I'm not here
on this world to please everybody but I'm here to change everybody if you're
willing to change from the neck up you will change from the neck down
I believe in you now it's your turn start believing yourself stay safe out
there be blessed

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