6 Healthy Habits That Make You Mentally Strong

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– [Instructor] Hey
Psych2Goers welcome back. Thank you for being here. When you think of the phrase
creating healthy habits for yourself, you probably
think of eating healthy, exercising, and getting to bed on time. These are all great things to
do for your physical health, but what about creating healthy habits for your mental health? Keeping a healthy mind
is just as important as keeping a healthy body
because one can easily influence the other.

If you wanna know more about
good mental health habits, here are six surprising habits that make you mentally strong. Number one, you are in
control of your emotions. Did a recent argument with a
friend leave you feeling hurt or upset ’cause of what they said? Have your parents ever
told you that you need to do a better job on your chores when you thought you were
doing a good job already? In both of these situations,
it’s understandable that you may feel upset, anxious, annoyed, or even outright angry.

And that’s okay. Feeling these kinds of
emotions doesn’t make you weak, it’s perfectly normal. It’s when you don’t allow
those negative emotions to take control of you, that
makes you mentally strong. For example, while
arguing with your friend, you didn’t take your anger out on them and chose to keep calm
even though you were upset at the time. Or maybe when you’re sad,
you don’t let that heaviness drag you down and keep
you from moving forward. You try to move past
your emotional hurdles. You recognize these negative emotions and choose to acknowledge them. In doing so, you’re able
to calmly process them and work through them
leaving you with the ability to respond to most
situations with a clear head. Number two, you question
your thoughts and beliefs. How does questioning thoughts and beliefs make you mentally strong though? When you think critically
about your thoughts and beliefs you’re challenging yourself.

With the internet at our fingertips, there’s so much information
to take in and explore. This can be overwhelming
when you’re trying to keep up with what’s true and what’s
lies, or what’s just a rumor. It can be really easy to blindly
accept everything you hear as truth. Mentally strong people
make a habit of questioning or thinking critically about
things they come across. Whether it’s something a
close family member told them or a news article they saw. Questioning things that you
read or hear gives you a reason to dig deeper allowing you to learn more and allowing you to learn about different people’s perspectives. By doing this, it gives you control over how the information affects you. Have you ever wanted to increase your level of happiness? And would you like to do
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Santos reveals certain
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you can earn a certificate from Yale upon completion. So make sure you click
the description box below to check out the course. Number three, you have healthy boundaries in place for yourself. Do you feel like a doormat
for people to walk all over? Do you drop everything you’re
doing to help out a friend or family member when they need a favor? Creating healthy boundaries
for the people in your life is a good habit for mental strength.

According to an article from Psych Central boundaries are a measure
of your self-esteem. When you create healthy boundaries you’re letting others
know how to treat you while allowing you to be your best self. When you don’t have boundaries
it’s easier to always say, yes to people. You let your friends frequently vent all of their problems to you, or you let that one friend poke
fun at you a little too much while wanting to be there for others and help them isn’t
necessarily a bad thing. Always being available at
everyone’s back on the call can put unneeded stress on you.

You can’t pour out of an empty cup. By not setting healthy
boundaries there’s a good chance that eventually your cup will run out. To stay mentally strong it’s
important to create boundaries with those around you so
that you don’t drain yourself of all of your mental and physical energy. Number four, you actively
learn from your mistakes. Have you ever said
something that wasn’t nice born out of anger, or frustration? Or have you gotten a lower grade on a test than what you were expecting? You might dwell on situations
where you weren’t acting your best and focus on them. Obsessing over things
you’ve done in the past only adds more stress to your plate. When you start to think
about what happened figure out why it happened and make a plan for how to
improve on it next time. This will make you mentally stronger because it shows that
you’re choosing to grow and learn from past mistakes.

Number five, you limit
your time on social media. How many hours do you spend
on social media a day? Social media is a huge part of our society and our daily lives. It can be a great way to
connect with friends and family and is filled with endless
memes and cute cat pictures. But there can be risks to
scrolling through Instagram. Apps like Facebook and Instagram make it easy to compare
your life to others. Those glossy filtered photos and the posts about their happy lives can make it look like the
grass is greener on their side. And an unhealthy game of
comparison can start in your heart. According to a study, how long
do use of social media sites and apps, maybe linked to
symptoms of depression? 85e4f8c55345994942dd0affa7db192b When exposed to all of that social media, you can start to think
you aren’t good enough or be envious of the things
you see people doing online. Limiting your use of social media can help you avoid this
harmful comparison game whether you give yourself
an allotted amount of time to check social media each day,
or you only check at night, or in the morning.

Limiting your time on social media can help make you mentally strong. And number six, taking time for yourself. Do you have long days
at school or work? Do you often choose to do more work than what is asked of you? Are you constantly on the go and feel like you have to be doing
something to stay productive? Going above and beyond and
keeping up with productive tasks is great. But if you don’t pay time
for yourself to recharge your mental health can take a hit. According to an article from Psych Central downtime allows your
brain to restore attention and motivation. It promotes creativity,
strengthens memory, and can even make you more
productive in the long run. When you take a little
time out of your busy day to go for a walk, read a book,
or even just lay on the couch and watch your favorite TV show. You’re allowing your mind to
take a break and recharge. Just like you sometimes
need a nap after lunch to boost your physical energy your mind needs rest too. Do you practice any of these
habits to stay mentally strong? If so, have they helped you? Or do you know someone who
could benefit from these habits? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to know your thoughts.

A huge shout out to Coursera
for sponsoring this video and offering a Yale University
course to our viewers. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button for more Psych2Go videos. Thank you for watching and
we’ll see you next time…

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