An Easy Breakfast Recipe for High Energy (2 minutes)

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Sadhguru: Of all the things,
groundnut, you know. I’m particularly passionate about the groundnut because there was a period of my life when
I just lived on groundnut and banana, that’s all. Because it has
everything you need. Just soaked groundnut, one handful, this much of groundnut soaked overnight, one banana – my entire day would go.
I am perfectly active, more active than most people will ever
imagine. It has everything to sustain you.  It’s a complete food by itself. If you
soak it for over six to eight hours,   it takes away certain aspects which are called pitha. Do you know what’s pitha?
Allopathic doctors don’t look at it, but the Ayurveda is based on
this – ushna, sheet, and pithy.

It takes away the pitha and taking this soaked groundnut,
chewing it well, and eating… Just make sure it is not some
genetically engineered nonsense whatever.  One thing is it could be
genetically modified. They are no more declaring which is modified, and which is not. Another thing is, you’re pumping in fertilizers and
pesticides to such an extent, the groundnut is no more groundnut.
Just make sure it’s a more organic thing.  If you want breakfast,
you want a recipe, tch, you take a handful of groundnut, soak it in water to six to eight hours, put it in the mixie, if you want to add some fruit, you add a banana, whatever you like, banana goes well, you
can add any other fruit. If you want to put some honey into it. In two minutes, you have an excellent breakfast
ready. It takes only two minutes to do it,   and if you want it a little watery put
more water into it and just drink it up.   You want it like porridge, you
make it thick and you eat it,   you will see easily it will keep you for four
to five hours and it is highly nutritious.

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