How Much Exercise to Sustain Weight Loss?

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“How many exercises to
Sustain Weight Loss” Right now, almost 2/3 of
Americans are overweight. And by 2030, more than
1/2 our population may be clinically obese. Childhood obesity
has tripled and most of them will grow up
to be overweight as well. The United States may be
raising the first generation since
our nation’s founding which will have a shorter
predicted life span than that of the previous
generation. The food industry
blames… inactivity. You just need
to move more. But what is the role of exercise
in the treatment of obesity? There’s considerable debate
in the medical literature today about whether physical activity
has any role whatsoever in the epidemic of obesity that’s
swept the globe since the 80s. The increase in
calories per person is more than sufficient to explain
the U.S.


The epidemic of obesity. If anything, the
level of physical activity over the last few decades
has gone up in both Europe and
North America. This has important
policy implications. Yes, we still need
to exercise more, but the priorities for reversing
the obesity epidemic should focus on the
overconsumption of calories. To work off the increased
caloric intake, which for kids it’s like an extra
can of soda and small fries, compared to what they were
eating back in the 70s, and for adults, it’s like
an extra Big Mac a day, to work that off you’d have to
walk 2 hours a day, 7 days a week. So exercise can prevent weight
gain, but the amount required to prevent weight gain may be closer
to twice the current recommendations. Public health advocates
have been experimenting with including this
kind of information. The fast-food menu
labeled with calories and the number of miles to
walk to burn those calories appeared to be the most
effective in influencing the selection of
lower calorie meals. Now exercise alone may
have a small effect, and that small effect can make a big
the difference on the population scale.


A 1% decrease in BMI
nationwide might prevent millions of cases of diabetes
and heart disease, thousands of
cases of cancer… But why don’t we lose more
weight from exercise? Maybe because we’re just
not doing it enough. The small magnitude of
weight loss observed from the majority of
exercise interventions, you know where they
make people exercise, may be primarily due to
how low the doses are of the prescribed
exercise. People tend to overestimate
how many calories are burned by physical
activity. For example, there’s this myth
that a bout of sexual activity burns a few
hundred calories. So, hey, you could get a
side of fries with that.



But if you actually
hook people up and measure energy
expenditure during the act and your study subjects don’t get too
tangled up with all the wires and hoses, though it may be merely the metabolic
the equivalent of calisthenics, given that the average bout of sexual
activity only lasts about 6 minutes, a young man might expend approximately
21 calories during sexual intercourse. Of course, he would’ve spent
roughly 1/3 of that just lying around
watching t.v.– just basal


So the incremental benefit is plausibly
on the order of 14 calories. So maybe we could have,
like, 1 fry with that.

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