How to Cook Sweet Potatoes WITHOUT Causing Blood Sugar!

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Hi, guys welcome to another episode of Sugar, MD, today we are talking about sweet, potatoes. Now you’re going to be like. Oh, he’s, going to, say don’t eat, but no. I have some good news for you this time and I will tell you a few secrets about how to eat sweet potatoes and still get away with it. I’m Dr. Ahmed Erin. I’m an endocrinologist and a diabetes education specialist. We will start right now, okay, guys, so a lot of you love potatoes. We have videos about potatoes. Recently we talked about parsnips. How parsnips can be a good addition to or alternative to not as alternative to your potato? And a lot of you are concerned about also how about the sweet potato story right, so Sweet potato is people think it is much healthier, which I agree that healthier than potato, but it can still spike your blood sugar unless you do something when you are cooking. Those sweet, sweet, sweet, potatoes, now sweet potatoes are interesting vegetables because, depending on how you cook, it really changes the glycemic index of the sweet potato that’s interesting, because normally glycemic index, doesn’t change with cooking. Sometimes it does, but not as drastically as the sweet potato. Now you can roast sweet potato. You can fry sweet, potato yeah, you can bake sweet potato. You are still going to have a blood sugar spike. You’re still going to have at least 70 to 80 of glycemic index, which is high in the glycemic index chart and it will spike your blood sugar when you boil the sweet potato, it will depend on how much you boil if you boil only 8 to 10 minutes, you will still have a blood sugar spike. So what is the key? The key is to boil your sweet potato for 30 minutes or more now. What happens is when you do boiling. It changes the structure of the sweet potato and retains the resistant starches and it will prevent the blood sugar spike after a long process of boiling. So if you like that approach, if you’re going to like that taste, if you’re gon na, do meshed sweet potatoes for example, or casseroles or whatever you can definitely try to do that, and you can see the difference now. I want you to try that I want you to write comments about what happened with the different types of sweet potatoes. Your experience with it again, you know one experience may be different than the other experience. What you’re eating with sweet potato also makes a difference. We always say, for example, if you’re having some fatty food with it or fat content, or the amount of portion that you’re consuming, makes a difference in terms of how many spikes you’re going to get in your blood sugar. But if you are making an experiment yourself where you are roasting and frying whatever compared to boiling 30 minutes – and I want you to tell me what difference you have seen yourself so anyways guys thank you for watching uh, please. If you like, this video, give a thumbs up and share this video, we’ll see you in the next one: Applause, Music, $49.⁰⁰

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