How to Make Healthy Food Changes

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Gee, I know how hard it is to eat healthy
all the time!! But what if I told you there were simple food
changes you could make easily right now? And even though it’s not quite magic, I do have some tricks up my sleeve. Here are 5 of them: ♫ Fanfare Trumpets ♫ Abracadabra! Use good fats like healthy canola or olive oil. Your family won’t notice a difference in
taste, and healthy fats are better for you. Another way to cut down on fat? Grill rather than fry meat and chicken for
burritos and other meals. Top with lots of colorful veggies. Yum!! ♫ Fanfare Trumpets ♫ Replace foods made with white flour for those with whole grain like whole wheat bread, whole wheat tortillas and brown rice which have more good fiber. ♫ Fanfare Trumpets ♫ Hocus Pocus… Haltus Saltus! Uh… Salt. If you’re buying packaged foods, look for
options low in salt, also called sodium 140 mg of sodium or less per serving. Another little trick to cut down on salt is
to use less and flavor your food with tasty herbs like cilantro, oregano, chile, pepper,
cumin or lemon juice.

Mmm… My mouth is watering! ♫ Fanfare Trumpets ♫ What about snacks? No salt or sugar in my goodies? Replace packaged snacks with homemade that
taste just as good. If you want something crunchy, make popcorn
at home using a tablespoon of olive oil. This is healthier than store-bought chips. Or cut up fruit and vegetables for healthy
snacks at home or on the go. ♫ Fanfare Trumpets ♫ Rethink what your family drinks. Don’t be fooled Did you know that sodas, sports drinks, even fresh juice can have as much sugar as a candy bar? That’s why… Alakazam! you should serve only water, maybe with a splash of lime or plain milk.

Voilá! Making these small changes will lead to big rewards for you and your family. And when it comes to your health, this is priceless!.

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