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Hi, my name's Lisa and I'm the Marketing Manager
for Ideal Weight. I have been in the Health and Wellness industry
for a number of years and have worked for some high profile weight loss companies and
I was really excited to join the Ideal Weight team. You might have seen from our other videos
that we spend quite a lot of time talking about the importance of coaching and I thought
that as Marketing Manager for me, I really did need to understand what a client felt
like going through the programme so that's why I decided to follow the weight plan myself. I'm having weekly coaching sessions in my
office with some of my colleagues, and I'm finding them really valuable and I'm actually
really enjoying them. I'm learning quite a lot about my diet history
and really understanding why in the past I've not been able to keep my weight off. For me, I would always be losing weight for
a reason, it could be a party, it could be a wedding, my holiday and as soon as that
event had past, I would then put the weight back on because I'd not really learnt about
food and that's what my coach has helped me to see and helping me to change my relationship
with food so that once I do get to the weight I do want to get, I'm going to be able to
keep it off.

If you're anything like me and you have spent
years struggling with your weight and you want to break that cycle of losing weight
and gaining weight then it's time to change your approach. It's time to start looking at the reasons
why you eat and the way you eat and learning how to cope with food in your life on a daily
basis. So if you're ready to make that change once
and for all, then go to our website and you can speak to one of our coaches through
there or you can click on the link here and that will take you straight to the website,
subscribe to our YouTube channel and also when you're on the website sign up to our
newsletter and you'll get lots of hints and tips and best of luck with your journey!.

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