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Hi guys, this is Jaemin from Asian Boss. There is a saying in Korea,
“Diet is the best plastic surgery.” Korean women put a lot of
effort and resources into looking good but have you ever
wondered what is considered fat in Korea? Let’s go find out. According to a
recent Internet survey, diet is the
most popular New Year’s goal in Korea. Do you plan on going on a diet this year? Of course, I am. I’ve been doing this every year,
and this one will be no exception. No, I won’t go on a diet because… I fail every time. I’m tired of this already. Yes, I do. Of course, I must diet. Me too. Are you planning to go on a diet? When
we were coming here, that’s exactly what
we were talking about. I recently gained 1.5kg so I need to lose
that plus an additional 4kg. This is my new year goal. Does gaining 1.5kg make a difference? Yes, I regularly weigh myself
every morning, and I notice the difference.

I feel heavier too. Do you think you’re fat? – Yes of course!
– Where exactly? You don’t look fat at all! This is not true. Check it out… Why are you laughing? All of this here, around my belly, my arms, my waist, and my back…
there’s fat everywhere. You don’t look like you need to
lose any weight at all. That’s why my face isn’t chubby. It’s well hidden. I’m a little heavy. That’s what you might think, but what would your ideal weight be? I want to be between 52 to 53 kg. What would Korean girls
consider to be the ideal weight? Probably under 50kgs? I’m about 1.67cm, and I need to weigh somewhere between 47kg and 49kg to get the
smooth physique I want. What is your ideal weight? I am approximately 1.65cm, so 50kgs. So, this ideal weight… how is it determined? Quite simply, your height is minus 115.

You may not believe this, but I have a degree in dance. In the dance world, this is a common fact. For graduated dancers, it
should be height minus 120, and for all other forms
of dance, it’s height minus 115. I’m on Instagram a lot, and the most desired
(“hot”) The girls I follow are all between 50 to 53kg. So that’s what I’m looking for. Due to how exposed we are
on social media these days, you end up comparing yourself to everyone else. I think girls are influenced
by celebrities who supposedly think something 100lbs according to their profile Maybe that’s why.

Honestly I
think there are a lot of people who think that a woman
shouldn’t weigh more than 50kgs. But if you’ve ever seen
a girl who weighs 50kg in real life, she would be all skin and bones. Celebrities go on ridiculous diets, where they starve and
restrict their caloric intake. This is not something that ordinary students
or full-time workers can copy. We shouldn’t weigh so little.
It’s dangerous. What types of diet have you done? There’s a saying
that girls are on a diet 24/7*. In my case, when I eat a lot, I try not to overeat
for the next few days.

For example, I would eat once a day, or try to cut carbs as much as possible. I used to have a personal trainer, and I also did pilates. It was pretty expensive. I did boxing and swimming. But because swimming
stretched my shoulders, I didn’t do much. I also joined the gym and did pilates. I’ve tried to go without food, and I’m sure everyone has
done the “Apple Diet”. Where it is allowed to eat
only apples for 3 days. I’ve tried diets with detox juices… as well as oriental medicinal herbs. Also…

I’ve lost count of how many diets I’ve been on. I’m trying the “Apple Diet”
and eating an apple a day. Many people mentioned the “Apple Diet”. Why is everyone so
obsessed with apples? Well, it’s good because… I heard it’s detoxifying and
promotes bowel function. I think that’s why. I think going without food is more effective. When I needed to lose weight
fast, I went without food myself.

There’s the “Banana Diet,” where you
eat a banana for breakfast, or take weight-loss pills, or go without food. But if you go on these extreme diets,
won’t it be harmful to your body? Of course… But if you are really fat, it would be better to go on an
extreme diet and lose the weight first, and then keep it off. Recently, there have been a lot of
advertisements on Facebook and other social networks about
diet foods, or weight loss pills. What is your opinion on taking
slimming pills to lose weight? I don’t think this is a good thing. It’s an artificial way to lose weight, so it’s
probably not very healthy. I prefer to live a healthy life. One day, I didn’t want to exercise,
and then I saw an ad on Facebook about weight loss pills that
help you lose 10 pounds in a month. I would have my ideal weight if I lost
4kgs, so I was very interested. I almost bought it, but I was
suspicious so in the end, I didn’t try. But many people take these pills.

In what aspect was she undecided? If you could
lose weight with these pills, there would be no need
for exercise in the world. And there wouldn’t be a
fat person in the world either. It doesn’t hurt to take them, but you
shouldn’t depend on them alone. If when you’re exercising,
and you need extra protein or something to help break down
the fat, that’s fine. But it is impossible to lose
weight by taking only medicine. It’s important to take care of your
health when you’re dieting, right? On the diet, do you focus more on your
health or how you look? If I did a physical exam, the
results would say I’m healthy. But the reason I diet is
that I want to look thinner. From the perspective of someone in their 20s, the main reason to diet is to feel
satisfied with how I look in the mirror, and how people see me,
rather than worrying about being healthy.

So you’re saying looks
are more important than health…? Yup. Compared to western countries,
Koreans have a higher standard of beauty. What do you think about this? I think Koreans tend to care
more about what others think about them. Certainly, the standard of beauty
is above personal satisfaction. but I think it became that way because
we care what others think. If you are a girl or boy, you will
tend to talk a lot about physical appearance. Even when you meet
friends you haven’t seen in a long time, you tend to say things like, “you’ve
lost weight” or “you look fat.” That’s probably why. Do people talk
about physical appearance all the time? Yup. Because this has a big
effect on the first impression. It’s hard to judge a person’s character so you have to depend on their outward appearance.

In Korean society, you tend
to judge (something) based on appearance. So could you share
what you think “true beauty” is? This is a personal story,
but my body is pretty weak. My body is very weak, and I
have very little energy and muscle strength. If someone like me goes without food to
lose weight, it’s practically giving up on health. I think everyone should know
that starving yourself and forcing yourself to diet to fit small sizes is not
the way to be truly beautiful. It would be better if “diet” didn’t
just mean losing weight, but looking for a
healthier body for yourself. The standard of beauty will
always change. You should ask yourself and
draw a line of what you think is beautiful. I have friends around me
who are among the chubby ones, but I wish they weren’t
ashamed of themselves. I think they are beautiful, and that they
should be proud of their bodies. True beauty should be about being
healthy and having confidence in who you are.

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