Why Does Glucose Rise With Exercise? Did You Know?

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welcome everybody. Today I will answer an
important question that is asked me all the time. Is this the cause of high
blood sugar? Or why does blood sugar rise
during exercise? This is a common question, especially
among catholic patients or patients who are doing
their best and trying to get their heart rate up to do some intense exercise or
increase the intensity of their workout. And they end up finding themselves with high blood sugar. People started noticing it when they started using GMS and like Liper Dexcom and this became a common question. So I am Dr. Ahmet Ergin. I am an endocrinologist
working in Florida today. We go over the causes of high blood sugar when you exercise, so let’s get started. Today we’re mainly talking
about why blood sugar goes up when you exercise
well a few things you need to know about
other hormones than insulin.


That deal with blood sugar levels. Now, what are the other hormones? We have cortisol, right? We have adrenaline. These are the two main stress hormones that are incompatible with insulin. Not that they don’t agree. They were made for a reason. The job of cortisol is to
provide glucose to your body in times of stress, because you may not
find food. It is not readily available to you. Your body doesn’t know it, the
Himalayas and mountaineering vs. you’re in the
gym in relaxed conditioning. You know you’re just trying to run something, you know, some exercise. So your body is trying to
get this cortisol to you to make sure you don’t run out of sugar. Now, upon insulin resistance, the pulp melts, double or triple. And then, the
weak insulin that’s trying to catch up may not be able to
do a good job simply because there’s too much cortisol in your body.


Your muscles eat and you try to
eat a lot of sugar. And your body is trying to,
you know, create a stress response. If your body is producing
more sugar than your muscles are taking in, you will end up with a
flood of glucose coming from your liver,
mainly due to gluconeogenesis. Because of this cortisol. The same thing happens with adrenaline. Again, Adeline is the fight-or-flight response. With exercise, you can. Your body doesn’t know if you’re running away from a lion, or if you’re just running for fun. So, anyway, you’re
creating a lot of adrenaline. Now, the problem is adrenaline and cortisol. When they get together, they become a badass team. They can make a difference there as a result, when you’re
at the gym or doing something outside, and you’re
under stress in the sun or something.



Sometimes it leads
to anything that causes stress. You’ll see a result after using the finger stick, or if you’ve only been monitoring your blood sugar on a
CGM monitor, you’ll see your blood sugar
go up unless it’s kind of on the
very low side to begin with. But it tends to go up, especially with high-intensity exercise. Same with growth, growth hormone. The hormone also kicks in, which is a
good thing in the long run, because its growth will help your body
burn fat in the long term. But in the short term,
you know, during acute stress, even growth, your body is going to create and really raise your blood sugar and so you guys, I hope that helps. The good thing is, after all, stress makes your body learn to
deal with stress, right? These short bouts of
stress on your body are a good thing. But chronic stress isn’t
a good thing, is it? The short period of stress teaches your body to prepare for the future. So now your body will handle your blood sugar better. After a few hours, you will notice that your blood sugar decreases.


Now, you should be
watching for low blood sugar, especially if you are
taking certain medications such as insulin or insulin-producing agents, you may have to monitor your sugar. In your blood on the road
and the effect of this exercise can last up to 24 hours. So you have to be careful about that like some people do, he says my blood sugar is 250 I wouldn’t worry about it he already knows that. You may find yourself up to fifteen
in a few hours. Guys, I hope that helped you. And if so,
please like, share, and subscribe to the video. We’ll see you in the next video. Hey guys I hope
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