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Music Around the World. Today, people are suffering from more diet-related diseases than ever before.

In recent history, MUSIC, The so-called Western diet has been implicated as the major contributor to our modern epidemics of disease.

We don’t know what about the Western diet is creating the problems.

But what we do know with a great deal of confidence is that populations who eat this diet, which is normally defined as a diet high in meat high in processed foods, with very little whole grains, very little fruits and vegetables.

The populations who eat that way have very high rates of chronic disease MUSIC.

When you think about the increasing rates of obesity and diabetes, you could think of it as a tsunami wave off the coast.

It’s enormous SOUND Physicians, nowadays, more than ever need to advise patients about food Which foods to eat more of or less of, and why How to shop for prepared food and enjoy healthy, delicious foods, Not just nutritious fats, not biochemistry, but food.

We are living in a food environment that fails to support our health.

Taking back control over our food preparation is essential to our long-term term, well being By examining our eating behaviors and learning the skills, we need to reclaim responsibility for what’s in our food, we can celebrate the foods that will protect us and please us for the rest of our lives: MUSIC. $49.⁰⁰

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