DASH Diet Essentials

Bulletproof Weight Loss System

Want a Proven Plan for How to Lose Weight and Improve Your Health? “There are all kinds of yummy foods that you can enjoy on the DASH diet.” – Cameron Are you suffering from Hypertension, High Blood Pressure, and/or Diabetes? Is that spare tire you’re carrying slowing you down? Read On… Doctors and US News and World Report ranked the DASH Diet as the #1 food plan year after year for bringing down excess weight, and high blood pressure, and preventing & managing diabetes. This book is a succinct guide for you to follow that will help you do all of those things and more! What to reduce your risk of stroke or heart attack? Worried about osteoporosis? Do you suffer from painful kidney stones? Are you at risk for cancer? This book addresses all of these conditions! DASH Diet Essentials is a great new book for getting you started down the path of better Health and Weight Loss. It’s a healthy lifestyle plan to get you on the road to feeling better, lowering your blood pressure, reducing hypertension, managing diabetes, AND losing weight. One key change that has made this diet successful is portion control. You can still eat most of the foods you already enjoy, and the 31 tasty recipes included in this book will help you develop meal plans that you will look forward to instead of dreading. Here Is A Preview of What You’ll Learn… * What is the DASH Diet? * Benefits of the DASH Diet * Basics of the DASH Diet * Foods to Avoid * Planning your Transition to the DASH Diet * Tips to Upholding the DASH Diet * 31 Tasty Recipes And much, much more! DASH Diet Essentials is the answer to your Hypertension and Blood Pressure Issues. This diet has been around for a few years now and is a proven plan for reducing hypertension and blood pressure. Dr. Oz has devoted considerable airtime to showing the benefits of this plan and now you can benefit as well. This book is meant to be a useful guide to those who want to get started on the path of healthy living through the DASH Diet plan. Inside this valuable resource, you will find 31 Recipes including tasty treats for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even desserts. Chapter 1 gets you started on the right foot by addressing, in easy-to-understand terminology, exactly what the DASH Diet is and how you will benefit from being on it. There are no points to track or embarrassing weigh-ins. You’ll have everything you need to begin today. Buy this book now to begin your journey to a healthier you using the DASH Diet and take pleasure in all the benefits it will provide!

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