The Food Effect Diet: Vegan

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Ditch the complicated recipes, expensive products and supplements, vegan ‘detoxes’ and all the other crazes out there – that’s the message of The Food Effect approach to nutrition – which, based on real science, separates the fads from the facts, and now presents the program that’s had amazing results, adapted to suit a vegan diet. Set to teach the simple secrets to long-term practical success for weight loss for vegans, The Food Effect Diet: Vegan is a simple, delicious, satisfying way of eating that sheds weight, boosts energy, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, and also gives glowing skin, increased brain power, and optimal health and vitality. Simple and effective without over-complicating, The Food Effect Diet Vegan delivers a painless and proven way to achieve your weight loss goals and get you on the road to optimal health, all whilst following a vegan lifestyle easily and enjoyably. The Food Effect Diet: Vegan will include: *A wide array of vegan food choices, including surprising sources of ‘good for you’ carbs and proteins. *Menu options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks based on a variety of taste preferences, lifestyles, and nutritional needs. *More than 65 delicious and easy vegan recipes, plus a complete set of simple meal ideas for those who don’t like, or don’t have time, to cook. *Dietary recommendations – designed with a calorie cap to ensure you achieve your weight loss goals. *Guidance on which supplements to take to ensure all nutritional needs are met.

Gastroenterology specialist Dr. Angie Sadeghi is committed to delivering the highest quality of care to her patients. In order to do that, she strongly advocates for the elimination of animal products – particularly dairy – from the diet of anyone suffering from inflammatory bowel disease or other gastrointestinal issues. All across the United States, people are transforming their lives with a plant-based diet. They are beating heart disease, type 2 diabetes, depression, obesity, and cancer, and they want you to know that trying a vegan diet could change – or save – your life, too:…

As well as containing refined oils and added sugars, the Standard American diet is typically heavy in meat, eggs, and dairy, and is low in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. As a result, we are seeing a growing crisis of chronic disease, including some of the world’s biggest killers. Check out the testimony of a growing number of plant-based doctors who are promoting the healthcare benefits of a whole food plant-based diet:

The Animal Hero Kids are asking President Trump to go vegan for January. These amazing American kids want to tell the world why being vegan is the kindest, coolest, healthiest way to live:

The United States is the world’s most patriotic country, known globally for our national pride and devotion to our country, and our veterans are the most patriotic of all. They have risked everything to defend America. Watch these veterans’ stories…:

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