HOW I LOST 25 LBS IN 3 MONTHS! My Weight Loss Journey | NO STRICT DIET + realistic tips!

Bulletproof Weight Loss System

hey, y’all. I wanted to share how I’ve lost 25 lbs & counting for good & kept it off without any strict diet. throughout my weight loss journey, I’ve learned a lot & there are a lot of helpful tips within this video. hopefully, this is helpful & can help you get on track & reach whatever goal it is you have for yourself. enjoy!

btw – not a professional…just what works for me.

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00:00 intro
00:32 chit chat about my braids etc…
03:31 how I lost weight
03:58 tip 1 – changing your mindset
06:10 tip 2 – focus on yourself
07:52 tip 3 – how to start your day
08:29 tip – what I eat to lose weight
08:51 how many calories should you be eating?!
11:12 examples of meals I eat
13:40 supplements?
14:02 tip – drinking
15:02 tip – eating out/cheat meals
17:20 tip – working out
18:34 tip – how to improve in the gym
21:42 conclusion

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