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Weight Loss Story: How This Stay-At-Home Mom Lost 46 Kg

Kuljeet Kaur, a stay-at-home mother, neglected her health which led to a massive weight gain. She soon started having health issues which made her realize that she needed to lose weight to lead a healthy life. Watch how she went from 115 kg to 69 kg with simple lifestyle changes. Follow Kuljeet Kaur: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/KuljeetKaurArneja…

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HOW I LOST 25 LBS IN 3 MONTHS! My Weight Loss Journey | NO STRICT DIET + realistic tips!

hey, y’all. I wanted to share how I’ve lost 25 lbs & counting for good & kept it off without any strict diet. throughout my weight loss journey, I’ve learned a lot & there are a lot of helpful tips within this video. hopefully, this is helpful & can help you get on track &…

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