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200-Pound Weight Loss Without Hunger

In this series, I’ll look at the factors that lead to both overeating and satiety. What food components make us feel full? Why does more variety lead to eating more quantity And what lifestyle approaches can we implement to increase the good food choices and reduce the bad ones, Keep watching to find out 200…

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Evidence-Based Weight Loss: Live Presentation

Why don’t we give a big, warm welcome to Dr. Michael Greger? [Applause] Surely, if there was some safe, simple, side-effect-free solution to the obesity epidemic, we would know about it by now, right? I’m not so sure. It may take up to 17 years before research findings make it into day-to-day clinical practice. To…

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Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal for Weight Loss?

“Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal for Weight Loss?” Breakfast is widely touted as not only the most important meal of the day in general but specifically for weight loss. This is not just a pop culture prescription from checkout aisle magazines, but an idea put forward by prestigious institutions such as Johns Hopkins, NYU,…

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