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Benefits of Cumin and Saffron for Weight Loss

“Benefits of Cumin and Saffron for Weight Loss” In my video, “Benefits of Black Cumin for Weight Loss,” a total of 17 randomized controlled trials showed that the simple spice could reduce cholesterol and triglycerides. And the side effects? A weight-loss effect. Saffron is another spice found to be effective for treating a major cause…

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The Best Diet for Weight Loss and Disease Prevention

“The Best Diet for Weight Loss and Disease Prevention” Why are vegetarian diets so effective in preventing and treating diabetes? Maybe it’s because of the weight loss. Those eating more plant based tend to be significantly slimmer, and not just based on like looking at a cross-section of the population, but you can do interventional…

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Ep 11 – Eat once a day, lose weight, get ripped, an OMAD experience

Today we sit down with a lifelong fitness enthusiast I met recently in my local gym. Don Burch is in incredible shape for any age with arms the size of most people’s legs. No really – go check him out. So I was surprised when he said he was almost 50 and eating just one…

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