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Dietitians Debunk 18 Weight Loss Myths

Business Insider asked three registered dietitians to debunk 18 of the most common weight loss myths. They explain that you don’t need to purge your diet of fat or carbs to lose weight, skipping meals can backfire, and fad diets like the ketogenic diet don’t often work. Beyond debunking weight loss strategies, they explain that…

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What The Keto Diet Actually Does To Your Body | The Human Body

The ketogenic diet, or keto, has become a popular way to lose weight. The high-fat, low-carb diet is a drastic change from the diet that the USDA recommends for Americans. It’s also a huge change for your body’s metabolism. And while keto is proven to help you shed pounds, the diet can come with some…

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Cancer Treatment: Why a Vegetarian Diet Helps

hi I'm dr. Scholl's let's talk about prostate cancer in this video we're going to cover dietary practices for prostate cancer patients I'm not going to try and cover the specifics of what type of diet I'm going to talk about a general overriding principle a fairly simple concept and then there's tons of information…

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